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Churchill MapPangeaSeed Foundation, Travel Manitoba, Sea Walls: Artists for Oceans

SeaWalls CHURCHILL was created with the intention to educate and inspire a community to protect the oceans, but what transpired was more powerful than that. It was the story of a devastated small town on the edge of the Arctic being reminded of their own value and worthiness in this world.

Plans to protect air and water, wilderness and wildlife are in fact plans to protect man. - STEWART UDALL

When we care for our oceans - we care for our future.

SeaWalls ChurchillCoordinated and curated by Kal Barteski in cooperation with PangeaSeed Foundation and SeaWalls: Artists for Oceans, this project is presented by Travel Manitoba and a large community of generous partners, talented artists, dedicated volunteers, the Town of Churchill, and several other kind, beautiful humans.

View the SeaWalls CHURCHILL website here

View the Know I’m Here Documentary Website

Murals Map

The SeaWalls CHURCHILL murals span 30 kilometres along the shore of the Hudson Bay. Reaching as far as the drivable road, each piece was inspired by the artists own interaction with the community members, the issues facing the town on Churchill and the history of such a beautiful land.

Murals Map

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