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Mayor: Michael Spence
Councillor: Verna Flett
Councillor: Bill Dingwall
Councillor: Marjorie Spence
Councillor: Heather Spence-Botelho


Duties of Council

Each member of Council has the following duties:
  • To consider the well-being and interests of the municipality as a whole and to bring to the Council's attention anything that would promote the well-being and/or interests of the municipality;

  • To participate generally in developing and evaluating the policies and programs of the municipality;

  • To participate in meetings of the Council and of Council committees and other bodies to which the member is appointed by the Council;

  • To keep in confidence a matter that is discussed at a meeting closed to the public under subsection 152(3) of the Municipal Act and that the committee decides to keep confidential until the matter is discussed at a meeting of the Council or of a committee conducted in public;

  • To perform any other duty of function imposed on the member of Council by The Municipal Act or any other Act.

Meetings of Council

The Regular Council Meeting is generally scheduled for the Third Thursday of each Month at 5:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers.
Anyone wishing to appear before council as a delegation is asked to contact us at 204-675-8871 by the second Friday of the month.


As Per By Law 743/07 Delegations are conducted as follows:
  1. The Chair of Council may limit the time taken by a delegation to ten (10) minutes.  The delegation must appoint a spokesperson who will speak for the delegation.  All questions must be channeled through the head of council.

  2. To allow Members of council to prepare for delegations, all presenters shall register with the Chief Executive Officer at least forty eight (48) hours before the council meeting and advise the Chief Executive Officer of the topic and the scope of the presentation.  All delegations must provide written correspondence at least forty eight (48) hours before the Council meeting outlining the nature and topics of discussion.

  3. There shall not be a limit to the number of delegations included on the agenda of a council meeting, but the Chief Executive Officer is granted the authority to schedule delegations as deemed appropriate.