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Businesses Directory

Emergency Services click here.

Essential Services

Churchill Health Centre an Operating Division of the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority. SEE MAP 

       General inquiries 204-675-8881 or check out their website

       Children’s Centre 204-675-8310

       Community Services 204-675-8322

       Medical Clinic 204-675-8316

       Pharmacy 204-675-8331

Manitoba Hydro

1-888-624-9376 website


Sittco Energy (propane) SEE MAP

204-675-2645 website


Town of Churchill SEE MAP

       Administrative Services Office 204-675-8871

       Public Works and Utilities 204-675-2357

       On Call Animal Catcher 431-232-3647

       Complex Security 204-675-0104


Logistics and Freight Services

Arctic Buying Company SEE MAP

Phone 204-415-6389, email or check out their website

Arctic Gateway Group (Shipping on Train Thompson to Churchill)

Phone 204-677-4338, 204-670-4278 or check out their website.

Calm Air Cargo SEE MAP

Phone 204-675-8843 or check out their website.

Gardewine SEE MAP

Phone 204-675-2686 or check out their website


Religious Services

Alliance Church SEE MAP

Phone 204-675-2264

Anglican Church SEE MAP

Phone 204-675-8816 

Holy Canadian Martyrs Roman Catholic Church SEE MAP

Phone 204-675-2252



Churchill Home Building Centre SEE MAP

Phone 204-675-2438 or email.

Northern Store, liquor store SEE MAP

Phone 204-675-8891

Tamarack Foods It is no longer related to the rental company. SEE MAP

Phone 204-675-2006 or email.

Fireweed, cannabis store SEE MAP

Check out their website


Gift shops

Please contact gift shops directly for hours of operation as they change seasonally.


Arctic Trading Company SEE MAP

Phone 204-675-8804 or check out their website

Churchill Volunteer Firefighters Swag SEE MAP

Open on request or Monday night 7pm

Phone 204 333 7067 or email.

Fifty-Eight North SEE MAP

Phone 1-800-663-9832 ext 881 or check out their website.

Great White Bear Gift Shop SEE MAP

Email or check out their website. 

Itsanitaq Museum SEE MAP 

Phone 204-675-2030 

Lazy Bear Lodge Gift Shop SEE MAP

Phone 1-204-663-9377, 1-866-687-2327 or email.  

Polar Inn and Suites Gift Shop SEE MAP

Phone 204-675-8878, email or check out their website.  

Wapusk General Store (Wapusk Adventures) SEE MAP

Phone 204-675-2887 or check out their website.



Calm Air SEE MAP

Phone 204-675-8858, toll free 1-800-839-2256 or check out their website.

Hudson Bay Helicopter SEE MAP

Phone 204-675-2576, email or check out their website.

North Coast Taxi Company

Phone 204-675-2345 

Tamarack Rentals* SEE MAP

Phone: 204-675-2192 or check out their website. 

Via Rail SEE MAP
Located within the Parks Canada Visitor Centre.  Open on train days near arrival and departure times.

Phone 204-675-2149 or check out their website.


*Other vehicle rental options may be available; however, it is your responsibility to verify that you are properly insured by checking the coverage on the registration card when you rent a vehicle.


If you are seeking group transportation options within Town, please contact one of the tour providers.


Other Services

Canada Post SEE MAP

Phone 204-675-2696 or check out their website.

Churchill Chamber of Commerce SEE MAP

Email or check out their website.

Hyska’s Insurance SEE MAP

Phone 204-675-8829 or email. 

Merv’s Excavating

Phone 204-675-2460 or email.

O’Connor Services, gas station 

Phone 204-675-2227 email or check out their Facebook.

Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) SEE MAP

Phone 204-675-5161 or 204-675-8894 or check out their website.

Tamarack Interiors Ltd.

Phone 204-675-2006 or email.

Training to Employment (T2E) Facebook

Located in the same building as the bank and the post office.

Project Coordinator – Phone 204-675-0305 or email

Employment Support Worker – Phone 204-675-8040 or email 

Transport Canada SEE MAP

Churchill Airport 204-675-8868 




Manitoba Agriculture and Resource Development SEE MAP

Phone 204-675-8897 or check out their website. 

Polar Bears International SEE MAP

Email or check out their website.

Parks Canada SEE MAP

Phone: 204-675-8863, email or check out their website.

Royal Canadian Legion SEE MAP

Phone 204-675-2272 

Warrior caregivers SEE MAP

Facebook or email



For places to stay, click here.

For tour operators, click here.