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Polar Bears and Guided Tours

Polar Bears
Frequently called "Lords of the Arctic”, these spectacular animals are huge. Male polar bears can grow to more than 600 kg (1,320 lbs) and stand 3.05 metres (10 feet) tall. But don’t let their massive size fool you – these white bears can move with surprising speed and agility. With a highly acute sense of smell, they are also skilled hunters that can pick up a scent from over 30 kilometers away, and can detect the presence of seals under three feet of snow and ice. 
There are a variety of tour options available that allow you to safely view polar bears during your visit to Churchill.  We always recommend finding a knowledgeable guide or bear monitor for your outdoor adventures in Churchill. 


Tundra Vehicle Tours (Polar Bear/Wildlife Viewing)

Frontiers North Adventure – Tundra Buggy
dividual and packaged tours are available  
Ph: 1-800-663-9832 or 204-949-2050, email or check out their website.

Great White Bear Tours
Individual and packaged tours are available.
Ph: 1-866-262-6202, email or check out their website

Lazy Bear Lodge and Expeditions
Provides packaged bookings
Ph: 1-866-687-2327 or 204-663-9377, email or check out their website.


Other Tours/Guiding Services

Churchill Wild
Provides packaged bookings
Ph: 1-866-846-9453 or 204-878-5090, email or check out their website.
Discover Churchill
Email or check out their website.
Kischikamee Wildlife Adventure 
Email or check out their website.

Nanuk Operations 
Email or check out their website.

North Star Tours
Ph: 1-204-675-2356, email or check out their website.

Sub-Arctic Explorers 
Email or check out their website.