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Essential Travel

Essential Travel Process


On December 11th 2020, The Province of Manitoba revised the Northern Travel Restrictions. Previously, there was an exemption for travel to Churchill, in the revised restrictions this exemption has been revoked.

As a result of this, the Essential Travel Process will be reinstated on Monday, December 14th, 2020 and will be reassessed as Public Health Orders are revised and is subject to change.

All travelers coming into the community by plane and train may be asked to present an essential travel letter. There are different ways to obtain a letter, depending on your reason for travel:

  • Essential workers, as defined by the province, will receive letters from their employers confirming that they are entering the community to do essential work, this includes healthcare staff and contractors.
  • Those travelling for medical appointments that have been booked through NPTP will receive letters prior to travel.
  • Community members who are planning to travel, those outside of the community who are looking to return, or those who are traveling to the community (for an approved reason as defined by the province) can complete a request form for a letter. The request form can be found here, or you can pick-up a hard copy from the greeter at the front door of the health centre.

Upon arriving in Churchill, either by plane or train, you may be asked to present the letter. If you do not have a letter, you will not be denied travel however once arriving in Churchill, you may be subject to additional screening.

Questions regarding the Essential Travel Process can be directed to or you can call 204-675-8383.


The Process

Essential Workers travelling to Churchill to do essential work (as defined by the province)

  • Ask your employer for a "certification of essential worker" letter. Templates for this letter have been provided to stakeholders and agencies in the community. If you employer does not have the template, have them email or call 204-675-8383 for more information.

Residents travelling for medical appointments that were booked by NPTP

  • A letter will be provided to you prior to travel. Contact NPTP if you have not received your letter. 

Community members planning to travel, those outside of the community returning home, or those who are planning to travel to the community (for an approved reason as defined by the province)

  • You will need to complete a Request for Essential Travel Letter
    1. Complete the form that can be found here or pick up a hard copy from the greeter at the front door of the health centre.
    2. Submit the completed form electronically to: or drop it off with the CHC greeter.

    3. You may also be requested to provide further information if your form is incomplete or requires more information.

  • Once approved, you will receive a letter indicating that your travel is essential. Keep a copy of this letter on your person during travel into the community. You may also be asked to present a copy of the letter at check-in and upon arrival into the community, please have it readily available. 

Please note: Any travelers who are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19 may be refused travel depending on the Public Health Orders in place at the time of travel, regardless if a letter has been provided.

Public Health Orders can be found here.