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Our Facilities

The Town of Churchill operates 6 facilities as a part of our Utilities Operation.
  1. CR30 is located at the end of the Churchill River Road (CR). CR30 draws raw water from the Churchill River, heats it prior to sending it through the 20 kilometer supply line to the Lake Pumphouse.  The water intake is located far enough up river to ensure water has no salt content as a result of the strong tidal influence of Hudson Bay. 

  2. The Lake Pumphouse is located on PR636 adjacent to the Churchill River Road intersection, the Pumphouse area reservoir is used to store water and to draw water as required by demand. It is then heated once again and sent through to the Water Treatment Plant.  This heating process ensures that water in the lines does not freeze the water mains on the way from CR30 to the community. 

  3. The Water Treatment Plant(WTP) is located at the end of Hearne St.  The WTP houses water in the process of being treated to make it safe for consumption (potable). 

  4. The Water Pumping Station (WPS) holds treated water ready for consumption.  At the WPS, the water is heated again to be sent out through the community on a circulating line.  The unused water comes back into the pumping station to be held in the reservoir, heated and circulated.  The WPS has two large tanks that hold 3.78 Million Litres (1 Million U.S. Gallons), which is the equivalent of three to four days of consumable water for Churchill. 

  5. The Lift Station assists our sewer main, which utilizes gravity to get wastewater to the lift station, from there is is "lifted"/pumped to the Sewer Treatment Plant. 

  6. The Sewer Treatment Plant (STP) is located near the Flats intersection, the STP treats all the raw sewage from the community.  The STP is used to speed up the natural process in which wastewater is treated.  This includes the aeration of the sewage, removal of grit and debris through screens, followed by the legal discharge of treated sewage into the Churchill River.