The Landscape

The Landscape
Check out the diverse landscapes surrounding Churchill, from the boreal forest at its northern edge to the expansive sub-arctic tundra.
More than 400 native plant species can be found here; during the short summer, wildflowers explode in a jumble of different colours and shapes.
In fall, the ground is covered in scarlet bearberries, yellow willows and downy white tufts of Arctic avens.

Glacier-sculpted boulders inhabit the edge of Hudson Bay – where the sea gives way to rolling tundra. There is beauty in the details – miniature shrubs push through permafrost and brilliantly coloured bursts of flowering plants hug the ground for protection.

It’s an evocative terrain that will compel you to admire the strength of the many plant species that inhabit this uncompromising environment. Patches of boreal forest – including black spruce, white spruce and a thick mat of lichens – encroach on its relatively barren neighbour. In many ways, Churchill is still a wild frontier.